Experts Rally in Support of Electronic Cigarettes as Tools for Reducing Tobacco Harm

Are e-cigarettes a better alternative to smoking cigarettes? There are lots of conflicting studies on the subject but it looks like many health professionals are embracing e-cigs to help reduce the harm of cigarettes.

Vaping Shops120 health professionals, including pulmonologists, addictologists, heart surgeons and oncologists, have recently signed an appeal to the French government asking it to practice a tobacco harm reduction policy “based on the full potential of electronic cigarettes.”

The appeal signed by the 120 health experts was made public during the first ever Vape Meet held in France and organized by Fivape (Interprofessional Vaping Federation) and Aiduce (Independent Association of Electronic Cigarette Users).

According to  Dr Philippe Presles of SOS Addictions, initiator of this call for a policy focused on tobacco harm reduction, electronic cigarettes are not only considerably safer than tobacco analogs, but also less dangerous than red meat, which was recently classified as potentially carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). “In the over 10 years since electronic cigarettes have been on the market, we have had zero cases of diseases related to their use and zero deaths,” Presles said, adding that smoking kills 78,000 French people every year. “Before condemning electronic cigarettes, it’s important to look at the stakes”.

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The support of health experts suggesting the use of e-cigarettes instead of smoking is a great idea. According to Blackhat Cigs there has been a big jump of new vapor shops opening.

We have seen a lot of Jacksonville Vapor Shops pop up over the last year. There had been some options prior, such as the mall kiosks and tobacco shops. Unfortunately they were, and are selling low quality and over priced ecigs and accessories. Also, they are not offering any help or guidance to their customers. So what should you look for in a Jacksonville vapor shop?

Vaping in Jacksonville has come a long way since the introduction of the e-cig. Not only have a number of Jacksonville Vape Shops opened, but also the recognition of a smoking alternative is growing exponentially. While health benefits are not provable yet, there have been many studies, and more are being conducted everyday to test if e-cigs can be a safer alternative. Until that is proven one way or another, the one thing we know, is that with a little shopping around, e-cigs can be dramatically cheaper. Also, I have had a ton of people tell me that not only can they taste more, smell more, and have more energy, but also they no longer reek of smoke.

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Not all Americans support the use of electronic cigarettes, here a some stats on how some people feel about them:

Roughly 9 out of 10 Americans support banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors under age 18 — a law already passed in most states. A similar number favor requiring warning labels stating that e-cigarettes contain nicotine.

About 7 out of 10 say people shouldn’t be allowed to use e-cigarettes indoors in public places like restaurants and workplaces, and 6 out of 10 say the government should ban e-cigarette ads on TV, just as it bans ads for tobacco cigarettes.

Even the biggest partisan differences are slight. The warning labels on e-cigarette packages are supported by 98 percent of Democrats and 87 percent of Republicans.

And on taxes — a subject that usually sets off food fights in Washington — there is solid support from both parties: 63 percent of Republicans and 72 percent of Democrats say they support taxing e-cigarettes in the same way that tobacco cigarettes are taxed.

The results suggest that Americans have largely made up their minds on how e-cigarettes should be treated, and that they’re using tobacco cigarettes as their frame of reference — even as scientists are still trying to determine what the health consequences of e-cigarettes are.

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