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How To Care And Grow Your Nails Naturally

For you to have perfect nails, you must nurture them regularly. It is a task that if this becomes a habit then it is not that very difficult to do at all. It is very important to take care of your nails because it is part of your body that have important roles. It is also very satisfying to have a neat looking fingernails and toenails. With this, it is also very crucial to take note that manicures and pedicures are done for cosmetic, therapeutic, and medical purposes. It can also help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders.

nails3Aside from visiting your trusted nail salon, you can do the below tips to have healthy and strong nails:

  • Nails like the hair is made of protein. With this, you need to eat food that is rich in protein so they can grow strong. Yes, you need to increase your intake of protein foods like meats, cheeses, eggs, soy, etc.  Fatty acids are another key ingredient in the nutrition of your nails. You will find them in eggs, nuts, vegetables, dairy among others.
  • When deciding to apply a nail art,  use a protective base paint with good quality that will nourish the nail and make it more durable. This has been proven effective. The base paint can protect your nails.
  • Never scrape the nails. This usually forgotten by many and they request to clean their nails by scraping them. To remove the rest of the enamel, this will weaken your nails. Use a nail polish remover in small amounts, but make sure to do it not more than once a week.


  • Try not to use artificial nails because this can cause the weakening of your nails. It is better to grow your nails and directly apply nail art rather that using artificial nails because of the bad effect.
  • It is more than obvious that you should not use your nails as tools if you wanted them to look beautiful and healthy. Do not use them to scrape tags or labels and less to open cans.
  • The nails become brittle if you immerse them for a long time and repeatedly in the water. Make sure to always wear gloves when washing dishes or mopping the floor.
  • Time to cut your nails: Do it after bathing or pre-soak in oil for a few minutes to moisturize and prevent breakage during cutting.